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LightStream Signature Bundles
PackageMonthly Price
PackageMonthly Price
PackageMonthly Price
PackageMonthly Price
PackageMonthly Price
A representative will contact you to discuss service options and pricing.
LightStream Signature Internet comes standard with Seamless Wi-Fi!
- Blankets entire home in mesh Wi-Fi
- No more dead zones or dropping
- Never buy another router
- Whole-home Wi-Fi consultation
- Professional installation and coverage check
- Compare to $400 mesh Wi-Fi systems

Step 4: Add-Ons

No add-ons are available for the Internet only package.


PackageMonthly Price
Whole-Home DVR
Premium Channels


Use your smart phone to answer any call to your home phone number via the Accession Mobile App!
- Enhanced mobility - listen to your voicemails and make calls on the go
- Enhanced personal security - answer as though you are home even though you're on vacation
- Enhanced privacy - keep your cell phone number private if so desired
- Low cost - swap your physical home phone for the Accession Mobile App
Directory Options

Step 5: Additional information

Would you like to save $25 on your installation (Standard Installation is $99.95) by signing up for Paperless and Automatic Billing?
Enrollment details will be sent to email address listed on application. eBill, Paperless Billing, and ACH enrollment must be completed for one-time statement credit.
Are you eligible for Lifeline?
If yes, please email completed Lifeline application form to