We’re Here for YOU!

CL Tel is a full service telecommunications and broadband service provider in Clear Lake and Ventura, Iowa. We make it easier for you – with telephone, Internet, long distance, digital cable TV, wireless, video conferencing, paging and phone store services – all from one reliable, experienced company.

It’s the best of both worlds with an advanced broadband and fiber optic network to connect you to the world and experienced, local staff so you’ll receive the personal attention and service you deserve.

Imagine living in a community with an outstanding quality of life – with good schools, caring neighbors, committed business owners and surrounded by natural beauty. And yet, you can stay connected to the rest of the world because of advanced technologies that help you work smarter and keep you in touch with your families.

That’s what exists in Clear Lake and Ventura. When CL Tel completed the rebuild of its network infrastructure in 2002, our customers were the first in the state to have VDSL. This broadband technology offers unparalleled new possibilities for your telephone, computer and digital cable TV.

Our mission is to connect you to the world and your loved ones via advanced technology and support you with professional, friendly local service. With CL Tel, you truly can call on a neighbor.


Making History

CL Tel has been pioneering new services for area residents throughout its 108-year-old history. Here are just a few of those benchmarks:

Telephone Milestones in Clear Lake:

  • 1878: The telephone becomes available in Clear Lake, just two years after Bell invents it.
  • 1879: Iowa’s first long distance call is made from Clear Lake
  • 1895: Clear Lake Telephone Exchange is formed with a network of five miles of lines
  • 1955: New dial switch cut over, giving Clear Lake one of the most “modern, up-to-date plants in the state” according to the local newspaper
  • 1982: Information age is ushered in with a new NEC digital switch
  • 1989: Long distance competition is offered through a partnership with Iowa Network Services and its statewide fiber optic network
  • 1991: CL Tel is a partner in providing the first cellular telephone service in North Iowa
  • 1993/1994: Fiber optics cable backbone network is deployed
  • 1994: CL Tel is first in Clear Lake to provide local access to the global Internet
  • 1995: A new second generation AT&T digital switch is installed; video conference facility built and 100th anniversary celebrated
  • 1997: More fiber optic cable is deployed in the network, bringing the project upgrade total to $3 million
  • 1998: 20 more miles of fiber optics are deployed
  • 1999: CL Tel joins with Midwest Wireless as its cellular wireless carrier; digital cellular service becomes available
  • 2000: High speed DSL Internet service is deployed; a $7.5 million rebuild of the urban network begins
  • 2002: Urban network rebuild is completed; CLvision digital cable television is launched in January. Residents in Clear Lake and Ventura are the first in the state to have broadband VDSL technology.
  • 2009:   Broadband is introduced to North Iowa with the beginning of the Fiber to the Home construction
  • 2012 and 2013: Entire rural area of Clear Lake and Ventura and the community of Ventura are constructed with fiber to the home, providing state of the art gigabit service to those areas.
  • 2013:  Hosted PBX is launched in Clear Lake, Ventura and surrounding areas providing state of the art “cloud” technology to businesses
  • 2013:  Construction of a fiber optic route is completed into west Mason City, serving businesses in the industrial park and nearby areas.