Frequently Asked Questions

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My Internet is Out

    • Is the problem with email, web browsing, or both
      • If you can access Facebook on your computer or tablet,  but can’t get email, the problem is most likely with your device
    • If directly plugged into the router or switch, can you access the Internet?
      • If the customer plugs in upstream and can surf, then the issue is with the device
    • Are all the cables plugged in?

My Internet is Slow

    • Did you do a speed test on the device?
      • Run a speed test from 2 different devices at
    • How many devices are currently accessing your home network?
      • All devices share the same bandwidth, so a heavy user could affect the overall speed. You may need to call CL Tel and upgrade your Internet speed to support all of your devices

I can’t connect to my WiFi

    • Make sure the password being typed in is correct
    • Can you see WiFi SSID on any device (PC, laptop, cell, tablet)
    • Reboot router; reboot switch/modem; reboot PC, cell or table

My router is excessively hot

    • If the vent ports are blocked or covered with dust, it may be overheating and malfunctioning